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Hookstop (1 Pack of 6 Tiles)

Hook Stop

(149 available)

Hookstop a product that really works and saves time

 ''We were initially sceptical about adding another component part into our roof mounting system as, like all installers our margins have been shrinking. However, utilising the Hookstop on two jobs recently, we are now sold on the product. The product eliminates the problem on Rosemary tiled roofs of installers standing on the mounting rail and the downward flexing of the roof hook, cracking the roof tile. Hookstop, prevents this by absorbing the roof hook flexing; it significantly speeds up installation time and the cost is largely offset because there is no lead work needed. The benefits are also used in our initial site survey to the customer. 10 out of 10 !!....a product that really works and saves time."

Please note: PDF specifications and certificates are available on request. Please speak to a member of the team for further details.